Stress relief reminder

Quote-tivity: A Simple Stress Relief Remainder

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Pat on the back verse

Quote-Tivity: Words That Motivate

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Funny Business: Restaurant Sign

Sign spotted by a photographer outside a burger restaurant in Dubai. Source Unsplash Hits: 8

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Punch today in the face

Funny Business: Punch Today in the Face!

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Humorous verse

Quote-tivity: Humor & Inspirational Verse for Entrepreneurs

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Upbeat Closed Sign

Funny Business: Storefront And Wildlife Trail Signage

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Funny Business: Business Signs And Football Game

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Screenshot (22)

Funny Business: Zoo, Bird, Books, School, Native American Humor

Humor in business and academic fields including, funny stories of real-world blunders, cartoons with business-related themes, photos, articles, videos, and books will be posted periodically under the category titled Funny Business. Zoo’s resident bird mimics Beyonce Sideways Stories From Wayside School by Louis Sachar from  30 funniest opening lines of books: “We’re going to […]

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John Rucker: How Pet Dogs Inspired An Environmental Startup

Twenty years ago, John Rucker, an English teacher, would take his dogs for hikes and noticed they would bring him box turtles.  Soon, Rucker and his four-legged team were in demand by universities and wildlife conservation groups for their tracking ability. Humans have difficulty spotting box turtles in tall grass, and the turtles are prized, […]

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Ethiopian American boy sits and crotchets while background of colorful yarns are piled high in the background

Jonah Larson: Crotchet Artist

At five years of age, Jonah Larson discovered a crochet hook and a YouTube video tutorial and went on to compete and win crotchet contests. Seven years later, the business owner, philanthropist, and author of two books is flourishing. And Jonah has raised funds to build a library and science lab for peers back in […]

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