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Funny Business: Zoo, Bird, Books, School, Native American Humor

Humor in business and academic fields including, funny stories of real-world blunders, cartoons with business-related themes, photos, articles, videos, and books will be posted periodically under the category titled Funny Business. Zoo’s resident bird mimics Beyonce Sideways Stories From Wayside School by Louis Sachar from  30 funniest opening lines of books: “We’re going to […]

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John Rucker: How Pet Dogs Inspired An Environmental Startup

Twenty years ago, John Rucker, an English teacher, would take his dogs for hikes and noticed they would bring him box turtles.  Soon, Rucker and his four-legged team were in demand by universities and wildlife conservation groups for their tracking ability. Humans have difficulty spotting box turtles in tall grass, and the turtles are prized, […]

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Ethiopian American boy sits and crotchets while background of colorful yarns are piled high in the background

Jonah Larson: Crotchet Artist

At five years of age, Jonah Larson discovered a crochet hook and a YouTube video tutorial and went on to compete and win crotchet contests. Seven years later, the business owner, philanthropist, and author of two books is flourishing. And Jonah has raised funds to build a library and science lab for peers back in […]

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Five rows of yellow, brown, and blue shipping containers

Wanona Satcher: Entrepreneurship and Social Justice Causes

Atlanta, Georgia, entrepreneur Wanona Satcher, founder and CEO of Makers Studio offers insights about combining one’s talent with a social justice cause in a September 2020 Inc. magazine article. Satcher develops affordable housing using modular shipping container manufacturing and her words might well have been a speech to high school or college students about how […]

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Backshot of man in black pants, black sneakers, white jacket and cap dancing in the center of the street next to two yellow parallel lineslines

West African Dance: Diversity and Collaboration

Taken at face value, the YouTube video below is about enjaillement and determination. Enjaillement is a West African word meaning, in part, hanging out and having a good time,  according to the Urban Dictionary. Now, I am not pointing fingers but someone in the video is bound and determined to master West African dance from […]

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Bellen Woodward: Fourth Grader Creates Multicultural Art Kits

Through her More Than Peach Project, a fourth-grader creates art kits with multiple skin tones. This is a wonderful story about a then third-grader who first admitted to herself her discomfort over an issue in her classroom.  As the only African American student, it was commonplace for other classmates to ask for the  “skin color […]

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Empty concert hall red seating

Rachel Barton Pine: Discovering Forgotten Black Composers

Acclaimed violinist, Rachel Barton Pine, has spent nearly 20 years searching for music written by forgotten Black composers.  And more than 350 composers spanning four centuries have been cataloged.  A lot has never been published or was published but is long out of print because of historical discrimination, says Pine. “My primary motivation is to […]

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Robot with large eyes, yellow body and friendly wave

Issac Harte: Funny Tutorial by Teen Fact Checker

This laugh-out-loud video hosted by Issac Harte is educational and entertaining. And it underscores the serious subject of media literacy and how to evaluate information online. Topics such as fact-checking tools and a reminder the internet is fair game for bogus videos and information and how to spot real from phony. is a resource […]

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Many peanuts scattered on the ground with an empty basket nearby

Famous Black Inventors: How Many Do You Know?

“Every February, they trot out the story of George Washington Carver and his peanut discovery. And all the many, many, many things he discovered about the peanut. The problem is there is an untold number of other Black inventors who are never spoken about. By focusing on George Washington Carver solely, it gives the false […]

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Two military helicopters in flight over landmass with one helicopter closeup shot

Michelle Penczak: Military Wife Finds A Solution For Lack of Employment

When Michelle Penczak could not find work a few years ago despite her education and experience, the military spouse and expectant mom felt disheartened. The wife of a deployed pilot, she was never able to stay in one place permanently. As is the case with military families, moving from place to place is the norm. […]

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